Sunday, 11 December 2011

And in the news this month...

Since my recent win in the iphone cover design comp, I have sold a fair few of the design. I am of course chuffed that they have been shifting but I was wondering if there was any reason in particular.
Well my question was answered when some kind soul at Redbubble sent me this:

It's the Chicago Tribune supplement. My work has never been described as a Stocking Stuffer before :)
Ok so it's not exactly a feature, but any publicity is good and it's definitely helped sales! So I'm happy.

Life Drawing December 2011

Hello folks. Been a couple of weeks since my last update so I'm going to pummel you with two all at once. First off here's some pickings from a couple of recent life drawing sessions.
Yes you guessed it - more naked ladies lounging around.